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In an article titled “Tracking your family health history“, Dr. Lori Wiviott of Harvard Medical School suggests that it’s not only important to keep track of your own medical history, but also to create a medical history of your family, since many diseases are genetic. 

The article contains a simple guide on how to create a medical family tree. This seems like the logical extension from the importance of keeping personal medical history information.  I wonder if the My Life Log includes a place for family history?


While I’m a big proponent of self-knowledge for helping with personal wellness (e.g., having a good sense of how you are personally affected by stress in your life), I have been haphazard with my own medical record-keeping.  If I had to come up with all my medical records, including a hospitalization years ago in another country, I would be in big trouble.

I just came across a very simple, but potentially hugely valuable tool: MY LIFE LOG

MY LIFE LOG, A Medical and Personal Diary, can help provide valuable information for doctors and prevent medical errors in treatment and diagnosis. Doctors are like detectives. The more clues they have, the quicker they can diagnose their patient’s problems. A patient who has kept a personal health diary that includes their family medical history and makes that information available to healthcare providers is being pro-active in their own healthcare.

You can buy the logbook — which looks nice; and sure beats the folders of paper I have scattered about.  Would encourage me to consolidate the information.  They also offer the option of downloading a PDF with all the pages (I assume) that are in the book, so you can print what you need and put into a binder.  I like this idea because:

  1. Less expensive, and saves on shipping costs ($ and carbon output)
  2. You can print only the pages you need
  3. You can print extra pages that you may need that might not be in the bound version

I’ll consider this as an option to help me declutter and get organized, and support my Everyday Wellness.

My Life Log:

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