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One of my favorite topics when I teach wellness workshops is feet. I encourage my clients and students to give their feet some attention — to help with calming and grounding at the end of the day, to help support a good night’s sleep, and to help address issues of discomfort in the legs and lower back.

I came across a short NPR piece called How to Keep Your Feet Happy, which talks about a common foot ailment, plantar fasciitis. It provides advice on the best kind of shoes to wear — they should have a minimum of support — and an audio slideshow with exercises to strengthen and stretch feet presented by podiatrist-turned-Pilates instructor Colleen Schwartz.

And here are two of my previous posts with stretches for feet:


I have been a student of Anusara yoga for many years, and have benefited from my practice in many ways, including most recently in helping relieve lower back pain.

Click HERE to watch a short (2 minute) video on a simple yoga pose —  the L pose supported by a chair or table — that will help with lower back discomfort, presented by John Friend, who is the founder of Anusara yoga.

If you are new to yoga, try this pose yourself by following the video, or better yet, try a yoga class yourself. I recommend finding a beginner series of a few classes to get you off to a solid and safe start. And don’t be shy about telling the instructor about any back pain or other issues you are having. A skilled teacher will be able to help you practice in a safe way.

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