You’ve read about how I’m a fan of the neti pot.

Well, I’ve just discovered and tested out an alternative, the Sinus Rinse.  It’s the same concept of nasal irrigation, but where a neti pot uses gravity to pour water through your nasal cavities, this bottle with a fits-all-nostril-size top adds squeeze power.  A little more oomph.

I just tried it, and it was really easy to use.

  • I was afraid it would require a lot of pressure, but it didn’t at all.  The bottle is easy to squeeze.
  • You can use it more or less standing straight up, rather than having to tilt your head, as you do with the neti, which can be more comfortable.  I found it so.
  • If I hadn’t had the experience with the neti pot, however, I think this would have been more uncomfortable. That “drowning” feeling.
  • My partner, who has large nostrils, loved how comfortably the cap fit his nose, compared to the neti pot.
  • Using the tablets with the right amount of salt and baking soda was convenient, though expensive in the long run.

My conclusion:

  • Great for people who benefit from daily nasal irrigation: those with chronic congestion or sinus issues.
  • I can see that this would be a lot easier to take on the road; to use in a public restroom or even a plane toilet.
  • I think I prefer the gentleness of the neti pot.  But I don’t have chronic congestion or sinus issues, so don’t need to use as frequently.  That said, more regular usage would probably benefit me…

Great to know about another alternative to a natural tool for everyday health.