Because of my yoga practice, my awareness of feet has increased in the last few years, and my history of flat feet and weak ankles drives my interest in learning about foot health and its importance in long-term health.

I found some info about yoga poses and other exercises for the feet.


From Yoga for the Feet:

Feet can also be the root cause of leg, pelvis and back problems. A fallen arch, or flat foot, can cause knee, hip, back and shoulder misalignment and pain. Adult bad posture and back pain can be traced back to lack of muscle tone or misalignment in the feet.

    • One in six people in the US have foot problems.
    • Nine out of ten women are wearing shoes that are too small for their feet.
    • Women are nine times more likely to develop a foot problem because of improper fitting shoes than men.
      • Eighty percent of all foot problems occur in women.
        • Two-thirds of foot problems can be attributed to shoes.
          • At one time or another, 85% of Americans have foot problems serious enough to require professional attention.

            Yoga poses for the feet

            • Virasana (hero post): very therapeutic for flat feet
              • Another article in Yoga Journal focuses on the benefits of the pose; the author does this post 45 minutes every day!
            • Vajrasana (thunderbolt or zen pose): similar to Virasana, helps to recreate or maintain healthy arches, increase flexibility in the ankle as well as reconstruct the alignment of the tarsal bones.
            • Baddha Konanana (bound angle pose)
            • Squat with Toe Stretch, knees on floor
            • Squat, knees up, heels on floor
            • Adho Mukha Svanasana, Downward Facing Dog

            Other foot exercises are also explained near the end of the Yoga for the Feet article, which you can read here: