Ah, Spring Time. A time of new beginnings and of renewal.  

Movement is a theme of Spring and its associated Wood Element, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

redwoodImagine a sapling sending roots into the earth as it starts its journey of growth into a majestic redwood, or a grand leafy oak tree.  Movement.  Growth. Twisting and turning to keep moving toward the sun. 

Planning and vision–of the eyes and of the mind–are also woody qualities.  The emotions associated with this Element are frustration and anger.  This happens when things don’t go the way you planned; the way you envisioned.  How can you grow around the obstacle?  Find your way through a block?

It’s a time to dance and flex those joints.  Wear something green .  Try something new.

  • What is new for you this spring? 
  • What can be refreshed with a renewed perspective?