I went to my regular yoga class this morning, and their was a substitute teacher. His training and style is different from my teacher’s (which is Anusara), so we did a lot more vinyasa* flows than we do in my teacher’s classes. This means that we moved from asana (pose) to asana more quickly than I am used to.

Both my body and mind resisted, but somewhere between downward dog and cobra pose, I thought, “Hey, this is more of that go with the flow stuff.” So, while my teacher is away for a few weeks next month, I think I’ll seek out some more “flowy” classes, to give me some more chances to bring flow and flexibility into my life.

I was happy to see how this initially trying experienced turned out to be a gift for my yoga practice, and my life off the mat, too.

* Definition of vinyasa (source: About.com):

Breath-synchronized movement. When used to describe a style of yoga, Vinyasa means that poses will flow from one to another in conjunction with the breath. Vinyasa in also used as a noun to describe the series of poses that are done between Downward Facing Dogs as part of a Sun Salutation sequence.