The word “flow” keeps popping up for me. It is a propos the current season, winter, so in honor of all the water that’s been falling (and falling and falling in the form of snowflakes in some parts of the country), I want to share a relevant experience I had a couple of weeks ago when I was taking care of my toddler nephews while their parents are away.

My everyday life usually doesn’t include parenting, so that weeklong experience was quite a lesson in learning to go with the flow.

water flowingOverall, the experience was a delight–they are fun kids–but wow!, they take a lot of energy and patience. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Water Element reminds me to go with the flow, like water like a river, twisting and turning around rocks and boulders, making its way towards the sea. It doesn’t get hung up on those obstacles, spending energy on fighting what can’t be moved.

So, in those (many) moments when my patience was tested, I asked myself, “Why fight what I can’t control?”

So, take some deep breaths and let it flow.