Last night I was at the opening party for the newest Elephant Pharmacy, in Los Altos / Mountain View (on El Camino north of San Antonio.) There I gave free mini-acupressure sessions to people who attended. While I only spent 10-15 minutes with each person, I was reminded of how effective a few minutes of acupressure and holistic wellness coaching can be.

For example, I worked on a lot of tight shoulders and upper backs. A very common complaint. A few minutes of shiatsu-style acupressure gave immediate relief and brought smiles. In addition, I talked about the concept of yin/yang, front/back; how important opening and stretching the front of the shoulder area is to relieving the back. I taught this simple stretch; stand by a wall, or in a door opening.

shoulder stretch (click to see larger image)

Place your hand flat against the wall or side of the door opening, keep your arm straight, and turn your body until you feel a nice stretch in the front shoulder area. You may also feel a stretch along the inner side of your arm. Hold it there for about 15 seconds and take a few deep breaths. Switch and do it on the other side. If you’re in a door opening, you can stretch both arms at the same time.

With this easy stretch, some people walked away a new tool in their personal Healthy Intentions Toolkit. So can you!