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It is unusually cold here in the Bay Area. Time for more tea!

The Sweet & Spicy Ginger Tea is nicknamed “KLTea,” after my tea-brewer friend Karen L. It’s a home-brewed natural tea that features the warming characteristics of ginger root. Perfect for a chilly morning… or afternoon… or evening.

  • In a pot, simmer a few slices of fresh ginger root (you can use dried ginger, too), about 1/4 teaspoon of licorice root and 1/4 teaspoon of cardamom seeds.
  • Experiment with the portions to brew the tea that fits your fancy. Licorice root provides sweetness, and ginger the spiciness.
  • I recommend using organic ingredients whenever possible.

My friend the Potion Queen at Venus Bee gave me a slim book called the Herb Tea Book, chock full of tea recipes for all occasions. I’ll report back later.

Please share any good warming tea tips you have! Brrrr!


On the eve on the great American holiday, you don’t need any turkey tips from me. I’ll leave that up to the pros, and to my friend’s Mom who will be hosting the extended-family dinner where I’ll be feasting tomorrow. Thank you Mommy S!

Here are some thoughts and wellness tips for the holidays. But first, some perspective from Traditional Chinese Medicine. A central tenet of this theory is to work with, rather than against nature–be it the natural world or our own individual natures. So, to go with the flow, as the night comes earlier, we should be preparing for quieter times as we approach winter.

Alas, Thanksgiving and beyond is anything but quiet times in our modern American society. It’s the official beginning of “The HOLIDAYS,” which bring joy and laughs, but also stress. Lots of it. Stress of travel, stress of eating and drinking too much, stress of making plans, stress of familial relationships, stress of shopping, stress of making decisions.

Because the socially-constructed busy-ness of the next couple of months is at
odds with nature, it’s important to pay attention to your wellness.

What intentions can you set to stay healthy and well during the holidays?

Here are some ideas:

  • When you hear yet another holiday jingle, take a deep breath.
  • Get in the habit of making your breath your friend and ally.
  • Pay attention to your energy level and rest when you need it.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Sleep well.
  • Look for–or provide–healthy alternative to the mountains of sugar cookies coming our way. Dried dates are my preferred sweetness fix.
  • Eat before you go to parties – then just pick one or two things to try. (This tip from Mary F.)
  • Watch your alcohol intake. (This tip from Denise R.)

Do you have other ideas that help us to be healthy during the holidays?

I forgot to add to the list of wellness ideas.

  • Take a walk around the neighborhood.

Connection to your local environment helps with your sense of grounding. And whether you’re in your own neighborhood, the neighborhood where you grew up, or some altogether new neighborhood, what better way to walk off some of that Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, get a chance to have some talk-time with your sister or uncle or friend, and perhaps even play tourist in your own town?

Anticipating tomorrow’s eating frenzy, this morning my boyfriend and I took a pre-turkey walk near our home in San Francisco. Sometimes it’s fun to be a tourist in my own town.

Seals hanging out and barking away on Pier 39.seals1.JPG

img_2499.JPGAnd you never know what you might come across. We found this scale in front of the Fior d’Italia hotel in North Beach. We tried it out and it does give an “honest weight” as it claims. Motivater for more walks!

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